In the Meantime

At the end of Luke 8 we see the story of Jarius and his sick daughter unfold. Jarius finds himself pleading with Jesus to come to his house because his daughter is dying. A few moments later, the woman with the issue of blood reaches out to touch the hem of Jesus’s garment and is healed. While Jesus and the woman exchange words, Jarius receives word that his daughter has died. And so during the word on Sunday morning, a question was posed, asking how we would handle watching someone receive the miracle we were hoping for.

I know that sometimes, it’s encouraging to hear about other people’s breakthroughs. But sometimes, it can be so so discouraging. And in all honesty, this idea of watching others receive their miracles while hoping for yours, has been one of the hardest to grapple with in this season.

In Habakkuk two, we see the prophet waiting with sincere and intense convition for an answer to his complaints from chapter one. At this point, he receives a revelation which is to be fulfilled, not immediately, but eventually, and in the meantime he should wait in faith.

This week one of our friends was looking to surprise her husband, for his birthday, with a gift he had been wanting for a while. So she created a group chat and asked us to donate towards the gift as it was pretty expensive. And in just two days they were able to raise enough funds to get him an even better version of the gift she had planned to get. Now, I was sincerely excited that she got what she had hoped! But my heart was still struggling to watch this story unfold all while I was trying to figure out where to find the money to get to Team Night that evening. Where was this Jehovah Jireh?

Howcome I’m trying to be so obidient in this season, but right now I have to choose between going to Church on Sunday or actually having toiletries for the month? Don’t get me wrong, I have seen God move mightily in this season too. And I am incredibly grateful! But it can sometimes be very discouraging to live out the everyday. And more often than not, when the everyday seems to drag on, you can’t help but notice how eveyone else seems to be flourishing.

“But at the end it will speak and it will not lie”

In this context, the word “speak”, in Hebrew, comes from the root ‘to blow (with breathe or air)’ and one of its meanings is ‘to kindle (a fire)’. So as I was reading this verse, I couldn’t help but imagine God literally breathing over His vision for me. Not only breathing on it, but kindling a fire. That one day the vision would be fulfilled, and like a fire, it would warm those around it. That what God would do in me, would be used to impact those around me. And It all sounded pretty beautiful until God asked “Are you preparing everything needed for this fire to be kindled? Are you preparing for Me to speak?”

What I’m learning more and more about myself in this season, is that I tend to look at other people’s journeys as if they are the same as mine. And if I continue to do that, I will always get disappointed and distracted. I will always lose sight of my own vision. But even more than that, I may miss the opportunity to set up the perfect fireplace for God to breathe life into.

“Though it tarry, wait for it; because it will surely come, it will not tarry.”

In Hebrew, the first tarry means ‘to delay or linger’ while the second one means ‘to loiter, stay there or be behind.’ The waiting may draw out longer than we would like, but His intention is never to leave you there. He is so intentional about your story. He is intentional about the vision He gives you. And He is intentional about the waiting. But we may just lose sight of that if we’re too focused on the next person. There is a reason He says we should “run, with perseverance, the race marked out for us, fixing our eyes on Jesus” – It doesn’t leave room for me to compare my story with the person on my left or right.

Be patient enough to see your vision through and be faithful enough to prepare a place for God to breathe. Even when it gets hard. Even when it hurts. Because like Jarius, you may just give up and not know that she is only asleep.

Wait earnestly, dearest.
For at the end, it will speak.

2 thoughts on “In the Meantime

  1. Thank you for the encouragement young ladyπŸ˜ŠπŸ™ŒπŸ»
    May the Lord continue to lead & grow you.
    Remember, the Lord will perfect that which concerns you – Ps 138:8 βœοΈπŸ™πŸ»


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