This Mountain

” …if you have faith as a mustard seed, you will say to this mountain, ‘Move from here to there,’ and it will move; and nothing will be impossible for you”

On Tuesday 18 June, I sat on my bed with my laptop, and my VISA application open, feeling incredibly overwhelmed. I knew I had to submit the application, but I honestly did not want to. I didn’t have all the necessary supporting documents I had intended to include, and I had heard way too many horror stories about visas taking months to be granted all because of outstanding documents. I definitely had 35 days left, so delays could not be my portion at this point. But, I was comforted by the fact that, firstly, I had not gotten to this point because of my own efforts – the same God that brought me this far, is the same God that will continue to see the promise through. And secondly, I wouldn’t know if I had given them enough information unless I actually submitted the application and allowed them to communicate that with me. So with my heart racing in fear and my mouth declaring the promises of God, I submitted my VISA application.

Now, once you’ve submitted and paid for your VISA, you have to get a medical assessment, as well as, your biometrics done. Your application can or will be denied without having both these components. Now, I had anticipated that both these would need to be done, but what I hadn’t anticipated was how much the biometrics would cost! My budget did not allow for this expense. In fact, I would only have enough budget to pay for my biometrics, and maybe my x-ray. So here I was again, with less than what was needed, but more than what I started with. I remember planning to just ask someone for help. I could always find a way to pay them back. Easy. But God immediately asked me, “Is my word still enough for you? Is knowing that I am for you still enough for you? Am I still enough?”

So despite it all, I went ahead and made appointments for my biometrics to be done the next day and my medical assessment the following Monday – I was happy to leave it all to God. Paying for the biometrics that Wednesday was easy; the money was there. But Monday was still coming. And as if my faith wasn’t being tested enough, sometime during the week an unexpected expense came along and I had to use everything I had. Now I definitely could not pay for the medical assessment.

On Friday, the doctor’s office called to confirm my appointment. I confirmed. I would be there. I have to admit though, I was very tempted to cancel the appointment. I was actually very sad that I finally had an application submitted, but again, I would have to fight my way to the finish line. Again, I would have to ‘prayer and petition’ my way through. But, I would be there.

On Sunday after Church one of my friends said something that really encouraged my heart again, “Just show up. Even if nothing happens. At least you showed up”. There had been no physical change in my finances, but I was going to arrive at the doctor’s office that Monday morning. Ready for my medical assessment. Ready, whether or not I could actually pay.

That Sunday afternoon, I had lunch with a old school friend. We hadn’t seen eachother in years. It was absolutely awesome seeing her but I was pretty stressed throughout that lunch. I was even tempted to ask for help, but the Holy Spirit reminded me to stay still. So I stayed obidient to God, knowing He knew what He was doing. Or atleast hoping He did. As we got into the car, on our way back to the Gautrain, she said “I have a gift for you.” And slid something into my hand. It was the exact amount I had paid earlier in the week.

“Just show up.”

So I woke up on Monday morning, with only half the amount sitting in my purse, but a willingness to show up. Don’t get me wrong, I was very nervous and uncomfortable. Would they allow me to pay the rest later? And if so, would they still send the results through so my visa could continue to be processed? I was playing several scenarios in my head, but was still hopeful that I wouldn’t have an oustanding balance when I left the doctor’s office that morning. While on our way to the hospital, I was telling my boyfriend that I could still only pay for my x-ray, and not the second part of the assessment. I continued to ask him if the scenarios I had played out would be viable. I was visibly panicked. He simply looked at me, completely unshaken by what I had just told him, and said he’d pay for the second part. In fact, he had planned to do so all along. Less than an hour before my appointment, I now had everything I needed for my assessment. Imagine if I had cancelled my appointment that Friday afternoon?

There’s something about positioning yourself. Granted, you may get disappointed, but man oh man, you may just find yourself positioned under an open Heaven. You may just see mountains move.

I did not feel prepared enough to submit my visa. But I still showed up.

I had not planned for the biometrics expense. But I still showed up.

I did not have the finances to pay for my medical assessment. But I still showed up.

“You will say to this mountain ‘Move from here to there,’ and it will move;”

Yes, faith the size of a mustard seed has the potential to move mountains. But in order to know that “this” is the moutian to move, you’d have to see it.

You’d have to show up.

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